Simplicity Is Beauty’s Best Friend: The Charm of Minimalist Apartments

minimalist apartment

When it comes to home design styles, there are people who love to play with colours and textures, as well as incorporate many stylish furniture pieces into their residence in order to create a luxurious look, there are individuals who choose a style that’s a little bit more balanced, and then there are those who like to keep things as simple as possible. Ah, yes, minimalism has not only found its way into the world of art and music, but also into the world of decoration.

So, what is it about today’s minimalist apartments and lofts that fascinates and inspires so many people to embrace this lifestyle? Well, for starters, these residences, despite what some individuals might think, are really elegant and tasteful. As Coco Chanel said, simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance, and minimalists know it. That’s why a minimalist apartment is usually one that’s furnished only with the most necessary furniture items.

For example, a large number of people turn a corner of their open concept apartment or loft into a small, warm and inviting living room using nothing but a single contemporary couch or a beautiful fabric sofa bed and a unique eco-friendly coffee table. Speaking of environmentally friendly items, I should mention that most minimalists would never choose to buy expensive leather pieces of furniture, for spending less and harming less is one of their main lifestyle goals. But who needs leather furniture when our country’s market is full of stunning fabric furniture pieces, just like this contemporary couch.

contemporary couch

Another interesting detail about minimalist residences is their lack of bright colours. This decorating style uses calm colors, like grey, cream, deep blue, and white, to create a clean look. I, personally, find this practice very refreshing. When minimalists do want to add some vibrant colors to their home, they almost always do it through art and lots of throw pillows.

People who live in minimalist apartments or lofts often choose to cultivate tiny plants, like cacti and other succulent plants, for they can easily breathe new life into any modest residence. Oh, succulents are also very easy to take care of, which is really convenient for those with a busy daily routine.

If you decide to start living a more minimal lifestyle, then I advise you not to get rid of all the things you own but don’t really need, at least not at once. Instead, try to get on the path of minimalism more gradually, by selling or giving away the furniture pieces and household items you haven’t used in ages. Trust me, you will be glad you chose this approach.