Thetford RV Toilets Guide: Make Your Camping Journey Comfortable and Stress-Free

White RV toilet

The toilet may be the last thing you want to think about when equipping your RV. Although not the most glamorous part of the whole experience, it’s a pretty important one. Without a high-quality toilet, you might discover that expeditions into unfamiliar spaces can quickly turn into dangerous adventures. After all, the human waste contains harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness if not disposed of properly.

Every trip will be more relaxing and enjoyable if you have an RV toilet that is practical, well-built, and works without a hitch. When you start your shopping journey, you’ll notice Thetford is a brand name that comes more frequently than any other. But how does the vast range of Thetford toilets compare to their market competitors, and how can you choose the best option for you from their vast range?

Why Choose Thetford?

Whether you’re a beginner camper or you’ve been at it for a while, Thetford is a name worth getting to know. A company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it’s a top producer of mobile sanitation products for the RV, marine, camping, and truck markets. Although it’s not an Australian-owned business, it has a strong presence here, with an extensive network of retailers.

In 1963, the business developed the first cassette toilet, a slide-action valve for holding tanks on RVs, the ultimate sanitary solution for your caravan or motor home. Thetford also produces maintenance items and toilet fluids in its own laboratories. Aqua Magic V RV Toilet is one of their top products, making Thetford, without a doubt, the best brand of portable toilets.

The Different Types of Thetford RV Toilets

Each type of Thetford caravan toilet is designed with a specific set of needs in mind. Some people want a model that is easy to clean, while others are looking for something that will be more comfortable to use.

Traditional Gravity Flush (Permanent RV Toilets)

porcelain traditional toilet

This style of RV toilet is similar to a home toilet, except it lacks a water-holding tank. Therefore, you can only use it by attaching it to an external water source or by having the water pump from the RV holding tank turned on. Typically, there’s a handle or foot pedal to flush. Additionally, you’ll need to use a lever to add water to the tank.

The Aqua Magic, Tecma, and Aria lines are part of the Thetford permanent toilet range. They consist of lightweight, durable, and stylish toilets, completely redesigned to flush effortless and provide full-bowl coverage.

Portable Toilets

These toilets produce raw sewage because they don’t separate solids from liquids. You must quite frequently dispose of the waste at an RV dump or in a loo, meaning you’ll see and smell the sewage because there’s no hose involved. However, they’re very portable and simple to install.

The Thetford portable toilet range consists of the Porta Potti and Campa Potti lines. They have a modern appearance, featuring an ergonomic carrying handle and standard lid latch for convenient transport and ease of use. They’re also durable, easy to use and easy to clean.

Cassette Toilets

There are several similarities between a cassette toilet and a portable camping toilet. You can typically access the waste storage tank outside your RV because it’s fixed. You can see and smell the sewage as you dispose of it at a dump station or toilet, just like the portable toilet. Since their rigs are narrower, van owners frequently use cassette toilets.

How Do I Choose an RV Toilet?

white portable theford camping toilet

The best RV toilet type for your camping journey comes down completely to your personal needs and preferences. Yet, considering some of the following key features can help you make the right choice.

Sanitation and Sealing

You should look for a toilet offering good sanitation and sealing features if you want to keep your RV toilet and its waste system as hygienic and clean as possible. You must also think about how it flushes. Is it quick, thorough, and powerful enough to remove waste from the bowl?

Examining the valves and connection points is also crucial; they should have tight seals with strong, leak-proof materials to prevent waste seep through. These specifics will aid in stopping odours and the spread of dangerous bacteria.

Comfortable Height and Width

Who hasn’t used a camping restroom too small for an adult and too low to the ground? You must ensure that the RV toilet you choose is both tall and comfortable enough for you to use conveniently. That means you should look for toilet seats with the ideal width and height. Of course, you’ll need to consider the size of your RV and the available space; if you go too wide, the toilet might not fit.


RV toilets can use materials like plastic that are somewhat more affordable, or they can be more expensive and made with the same materials as your home toilets. Whichever material you prefer is entirely up to you, but it’s crucial to consider a few different options.

Despite being less expensive, plastic doesn’t last as long as porcelain. Some RV toilets may even have wood parts, another option that can be sturdy but needs special maintenance.

Ease of Installation

Installing a portable or full-sized RV toilet should be simple and quick. An RV flush toilet should have simple installation instructions since it’s a necessity for travelling. The best RV toilet should also be straightforward to maintain and repair.

Waste Capacity

The amount of waste your portable toilet can hold will determine how long you can go between empties. It’ll begin to smell if you leave it out for too long. Your trip will be much more comfortable, and you won’t have to stop as frequently to empty the Thetford toilets if they have larger waste capacities.

Type of User

A low-profile toilet is probably not something you want to buy if you’re elderly or disabled. To make this type of toilet easier to use, you can, if necessary, install a raised platform. High-profile are the preferred options because of how closely resemble household appliances in size.

Length of Trip

Finding places to dispose of your waste may be difficult for a long trip. If you have a portable toilet or cassette, you might need a spare tank in those circumstances. Additionally, these restrooms are more practical if you’re in a remote location.