Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Dancewear for Your First Class

Feeling “meh” about your dancewear wardrobe can be a great demotivator to perform your best. Even more so if you’re a busy bee after classes who has places to be, faces to see and has absolutely no time for multiple daily wardrobe changes. When it comes to dancewear, most dance studios allow freedom of choice. However, all of them expect some sensibility to your choice of attire. Harem pants may be a fantastic choice for a belly dancer, but not so much for a ballet dancer. Ballet dance requires you to work on the line of your legs and body alignment, and a loose outfit won’t help you do that. Instead, you should choose appropriate dancewear that will ensure your complete comfort and confidence.

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Choosing a Leotard

Leotards are popular pieces of dancewear and part of basically every dance school’s uniform. Before you buy one, it is best to check with your instructor if you should get a specific colour and pattern. If there isn’t a particular hue required, feel free to get a leotard in your favourite colour and pattern so that you can freely express your style.

Choosing a Top

Dancewear, such as leotards, really helps you to feel like a dancer and wearing the right pieces is important to help you improve your posture. However, it can be intimidating to wear one for the first time. Dance tops can help you with that. When you go to your dance lessons you’ll see that dance tops womens models are the preferred piece of clothing to wear over a leotard while warming up. Dance tops womens models can be found in a variety of colours and styles. Choose one that best complements your personality and the rest of the pieces of dancewear that you own.

Pants, Tights or Dance Skirts?

Some dance studios require additional items to go with the leotard, like dance tights or jazz pants. For ballet classes, pink dance tights are the most popular choice. They are thick and have a seam going up the back of the legs. Jazz, tap and modern dance studios generally ask the students to wear these pieces of clothing over the top of their leotard. Another choice is dancing skirts. You can get one in black or in a colour that matches your leotard. For ballet classes, a sheer, short wrap-around skirt is the most appropriate choice.

Whatever the style of dancewear you choose, make sure it is lightweight, breathable, and made of stretchy fabrics to ensure comfort and freedom of movement.