Tips and Tricks for Styling Your Home Office the Scandinavian Way

You might not have the authority to make a decision when it comes to styling your shared office at work, but when it comes to your home’s design – you can entirely do it your way! And if you have a designated space in your house for a home office, consider yourself fortunate as you can be your own boss when it comes to how it’s organized and how it looks.

Mid Century Bookshelves

When designing a home office that will boost your productivity, there’s no better style than Scandinavian. Why? Simply because it exudes professionalism without feeling too constricting. It values organization, has a minimalist aesthetic and uses a welcoming colour palette of white and neutral hues. Plus, who wouldn’t want to style their office the way some of the most productive people in the world do? If you’re totally on board with this, here are some tips to get started.

Choose Smart Storage Solutions

Second only to the bedroom, offices are infamous for quickly becoming cluttered. But the fact that other people can’t see our mess, doesn’t mean that we should leave things piling up as a leaning tower of Pisa on our desks. Not only is a cluttered desk against the very principles of Scandinavian style, but it can also badly impact your productivity. As a solution to getting rid of clutter, consider functional storage units with lots of compartments and nooks that can help you put things away and organize them easier.

Most designers recommend using a large bookshelf that can function both as a file cabinet and a unit for displaying some office decor. Keep in mind that the design of the unit should complement the minimalistic design of the space. Like for instance, mid century bookshelves which are simple enough yet have a stylish modern appeal. Consider pieces with a mix of closed compartments for storing files and some open shelving that can serve for placing books, picture frames and personal items.

Create a Serene, Cozy Atmosphere

Scandinavian is famous for its light and cosy aesthetic which can be achieved through the mix of crisp white walls and furniture pieces in brooding charcoal, or chocolate brown colour. The white walls will act as a perfect backdrop to enhance the texture of the furniture with warm, natural appeal, like for instance, mid century bookshelves or Scandinavian coffee tables. As a general rule, use a palette of greys, blacks, earth tones and pastels. Use accent tones sparingly throughout the space.

Go Green

Scandinavian style shares a deep-rooted connection to nature and the outdoors. Therefore, if you aim to truly capture this style in your office, you mustn’t leave out house plants from the design scheme. This becomes even more important when you realize that being around greenery can improve your physical and emotional health, and help you focus better. The greenery doesn’t necessarily have to be everywhere – a potted plant in the corner can be all your room needs. Consider indoor climbing plants for a more romantic touch, or some charming and low maintenance succulents.