A Trend That Is Here to Stay: Urbanize Your Home with Brick Wallpapers

When it comes to decorating our medium-sized apartment, my boyfriend and I never have any disagreements. Fortunately, our tastes are perfectly synchronized, which makes looking for certain pieces of furniture we need or considering some interesting interior design ideas for our home a truly pleasurable activity. We both prefer the urban style to the traditional one, as we like to play with shapes and colours and break the rules a little. Yes, we find beauty in the lack of symmetry and order. Classic perfection doesn’t impress us much, nor does it suit our creative spirit.


So, a couple of months ago, when the time for our home’s makeover came, we knew exactly what to buy and what to avoid. Brick wallpapers were one of the elements we were completely smitten with and strongly determined to implement in our urban apartment. It seemed to us that these popular and tastefully simple wall coverings are the ideal option for us, as we couldn’t stand looking at our dull white walls any longer. And guess what? We were totally right. It turned out that brick wallpapers were exactly what our residence was missing.

If you ever have the opportunity to ask a reputable interior designer for advice on wall design, I believe that he/she will not forget to mention the aesthetic appeal of a carefully chosen faux brick wallpaper. They know that a stylish brick wallpaper can put the finishing touches to the décor of every modern living room. These stunning wall design alternatives can also enhance the look of your dining room, especially if your dining set is wooden and/or vintage.

People’s residences are not the only place where you can come across a faux brick wallpaper. Many owners of great coffee places in our country have decided to refresh the look of their space with the help of red factory brick wallpapers. They have noticed that a large number of their loyal customers started to spend more time in their coffee shop, as they enjoyed the sight of its new design so much more than the sight of the old one. Even managers of luxurious hotels have realized what a wonderful addition to their elegant rooms a faux brick wallpaper can turn out to be, knowing that these wall coverings are worth every dollar.

Yes, brick wallpapers are taking over the world of wall design, slowly but surely beating their competition. It seems like they are here to stay for a long time.