Types of Fishing Sunglasses That Are a Pros’ Must-Haves

There are several reasons why every fisherman must have a pair of quality fishing glasses. Your eyes are one of the most valuable tools when you are out on the water all day looking for your next catch. This is why when fishing, it is important for you to protect them but also have a good vision while doing so.

Fishing Sunglasses

When you are out fishing your eyes are exposed to harmful UV radiation all day. Prolonged exposure to sunlight radiation may cause undesired health issues such as cataracts or growths on the eye. Polarized fishing sunglasses will help protect your eyes from that harmful effect. Sunglasses can also help protect your eyes from all kinds of other dangers. Many fishing enthusiasts don’t realize this but eye injuries from hooks are pretty common. When fly fishing on a river or lure fishing, there is a big chance that hooks will eventually come flying towards your eyes and fishing glasses act as a barrier that will keep you safe from harm.

Another important reason for you to buy fishing sunglasses is that they greatly improve your overall vision while fishing. Besides being exposed to direct sunlight, you also have the water reflecting light in your eyes. If you add heavy winds that cause you to squint and dust flying in all directions, your vision may become a bit blurry. With a pair of fishing glasses, you won’t have any problems spotting your game clearly. If you want to buy fishing sunglasses online you might want to consider our top 3 picks.

Fishing Sunglasses

Shimano’s Speedmaster Sunglasses

Are built for comfort and durability. They have a simplistic yet stylish design and are very effective on water. The frame is black and made from TR-90 which is a special type of nylon material and may have a soft, rubber-like texture, or a hard, plastic texture. Both types are flexible, yet very tough. TR-90 is a memory material which means u can bend it and it will return to its original shape. It is also resistant to chemicals and stress cracking. They have TAC polarized lenses that are effective in reducing UV radiation, they don’t distort the scenery and make it clearer.

Costa Fantail Sunglasses

Have a more stylish design. The frame utilizes stainless steel hinges and comes in a multitude of colours which allows you to choose the one that best fits your style. The lens is polarized and made from glass but it is lighter and more resilient than normal glass lenses.

Suncloud Warrant Sunglasses

Are a low cost option but they certainly don’t fall behind when it comes to protection and great features. They have polarized lenses made from polycarbonate which keeps the weight down while still makes them durable. The frame is made from nylon and it is designed to fit on bigger heads as well.