Types of Jockey Wheels: How to Pick the right One for You

They say that details matter big time and that it is the small things that make life better and complete and it’s no different when it comes to camping and caravanning. Without the small things, the experience would be incomplete and slightly more inconvenient for everyone involved. Since the caravan is a huge vehicle to maneuver with, you’ll need help in the form of caravan jockey wheels and caravan jockey wheel spares. These will enable an easier and safer handling of your tow vehicle when lifting, hitching or lowering the coupling over the tow ball and maneuvering the van around when uncoupled.


You can usually find caravan jockey wheel spares online or in brick and mortar equipment stores. The jockey wheel usually comes with the caravan and there’s a good chance of a clamp being attached to the draw bar or “A” frame. However, you can decide to change it and get a new one. There are many jockeys to choose from. They can differ in height and their tyres can vary from pneumatic to solid rubber. The main difference between the different types is how they work.

The fixed or standard jockey wheel is usually bolted or welded directly onto the new draw bar and has either pneumatic or solid wheels. You can adjust the height by undoing the lever and moving the shaft down or up as needed. This suits most leisure and domestic applications.

The swivel bracket on the other hand, is designed with a much easier method of use in mind. There’s no need to detach it from the trailer, instead, you just pull the release handle and the jockey wheel will rotate in a suitable traveling position.

Buying the right jockey wheel for you will depend on a few things. First off, check that the load capacity is applicable to the caravan and ensure it has been produced by a reliable manufacturer before making a decision. Moreover, talk to other caravan owners and experts about how easy it is to maneuver, use, adjust or remove it before buying a specific jockey wheel.

Whatever type you end up choosing, don’t place more weight than it can hold and look to only use it when the caravan is empty. When parking, put support like a board under the jockey to distribute the weight and dodge having it sink into the ground as this can damage the wheel or the jack. If you’re considering to buy a new jockey wheel, talk to your dealer and other travelers first, to see whether it will work for you.