Uncommon Workout Equipment That May Produce Some Surprising Benefits

Everyone tries to look after themselves in the best way they can. Some try to keep their diet as healthy as possible by trying to entirely cut out the unhealthy fats, while still getting all of the necessary proteins and vitamins. Others try to workout as often as they can in order to keep their energy levels high and themselves active. Though, ideally the best possible way would be to strike a balance that lies somewhere between the two.

Balance Wobble Board

Those that are new to nutrition or going to the gym are usually encouraged to try everything and frequently switch out their exercise routines and the equipment they use in order to see what works and what doesn’t. Some people tend to stick to several commonly used machines and that’s perfectly fine if they feel it gains them the wanted results. But, some people have found that a few uncommon pieces of workout equipment have given them exactly what they were trying to achieve, as well as a few unexpected benefits.

A good example of strange equipment that can gain you some surprising perks would probably be the balance wobble board. It can come in many types, but the two most common ones are in the form of an elliptically shaped board (sort of like a bent skateboard), or a flat circle with a dome in the centre of its underside. You use the balance wobble board by standing on top and trying to stabilize yourself on it. And for such a seemingly simple exercise it does a great job of not only strengthening your legs and abs, but also significantly developing your sense of balance at the same time.

If you are looking to do more cardio oriented exercises, then your best option would probably be the
battling ropes. The way in which they differ from ordinary cardio centred workout routines like running or cycling is simply because they involve the use of the upper rather than the lower body. They are two inch thick ropes that you take in each hand and create wave motions with. Much like the balance wobble board, while it seems easy at first, after a while you begin to feel exactly how tasking it is to use a part of your body that isn’t usually so heavily involved in cardio workouts. But if you keep at it, it will also give some much more impressive results compared to the usual means.

Only you can decide if either of these items works well for you, or if you would prefer to stick to the more commonly used machines in the gym. But, at the end of the day, the equipment won’t matter even half as much as the dedication and effort that you decide to put in.