Useful Things to Keep in Your Purse

Handbags are regarded as some of women’s essential pieces because they can either make or break an outfit. Still, besides being just a fancy accessory, handbags are also useful for carrying things like medications, cosmetics, wallets, cellphone chargers, and many other valuables that you may need for the day.

Do you have a long commute to work? Make sure you have your headphones. Do you have a cold? Keep an infinite supply of tissues on hand. After all, the contents of your handbag can be lifesaving, so before you end up with a bag full of clutter, you need to sort them out and decide carefully. What are some things you should always keep inside?


Antibacterial Wipes

Wipes are a quick and easy way to eliminate 99.9% of germs, grime, or food residue and can help you clean up when soap and water aren’t around. As a result, it’s recommended to keep a pack of antibacterial personal hygiene wipes in your bag at all times.

Besides being optimal for hand hygiene, they can be used to safely clean hard surfaces in the kitchen too, or any food preparation areas, by successfully sanitising and killing any remaining germs. They are effective against germs on worktops, drawer fronts, and fridge and freezer doors. When you need to keep your work area clean all the time, you need a simple disposable solution, and antibacterial wipes are ideal for that.

While you’re cleaning your keyboard, clean and cleanse the whole desk space. If you have lunch at your desk on a regular basis, it may as well be a food preparation area, so make sure your desk gets a daily clean down before you dig into your lunch. It wouldn’t hurt to wash off your chair’s armrests as well.

Hand Sanitizer

If you don’t have antibacterial personal hygiene wipes with you at all times, try carrying a hand sanitizer in your bag. With personal hygiene at the centre of our focus, especially after the global COVID-19 pandemic, today it’s more crucial than ever to sanitise our hands. It’s vital to remember to keep your hands clean after touching shopping carts, door handles, elevator buttons, and other surfaces throughout the day to avoid contamination as you dine, touch your face, and so on.


And if you think that wearing surgical gloves is a better idea, you’re wrong. Although many people assume that wearing gloves keeps germs from getting into their hands, it is better to carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands often instead. When you think about it, it’s very impractical to wear gloves. Wearing gloves in the grocery store, and after you’ve done your shopping you must reach inside your purse for your wallet. You’ve picked up germs from everything you’ve touched and transferred them to your wallet. Instead, tuck a vegan leather hand sanitizer container inside your purse, wipe your hands, and then reach for your wallet!


There’s nothing worse than looking for painkillers all around the office while your head is throbbing with pain. Whether it’s a sneaky headache or the lady cramps, you can become quite irritable. So, if your pain threshold is almost non-existent, it’s a good idea to keep pills on hand just in case. But don’t go crazy – a simple grid of over-the-counter pain relievers will suffice. There’s no need to stuff the full box into your handbag, simply keep it supplied for the next time you need it.

Water Bottle and Snacks

We all know how crucial hydration is for overall health, but it is also critical for staying alert and productive. There are several must-have medications to carry in your purse, as the painkillers, but one of the greatest is a natural remedy: water. Water consumption on a regular basis helps lower the risk of sunstroke, dehydration, bloating, and other related issues. Being hydrated can also help you recover from an existing sickness.

Carrying your water in an insulated water bottle or thermos flasks are just a few of the options that will provide excellent value for money. A reusable water bottle will preserve the contents at the temperature that you filled them with and will not harm the environment. With an insulated water bottle or flask, you can stay hydrated throughout the day.


Keep a modest snack on hand to provide energy on days when you’re unable to consume adequate breakfast. When you want a fast dinner without getting your hands filthy with all the curries and creams, little packages of biscuits or a nut bar will keep you going. If you care to do some cooking, you may bring a small insulated food jar filled with homemade nutritious snacks with you. If you don’t, a piece of fresh fruit will do, such as an apple, banana, or pear, as it’s high in fibre, water, and nutrients, fits in any size bag, and comes ready wrapped, making it the ideal fast meal health snack.


Listening to music is one of the most calming activities you can do when you are working. Many people don’t mind being under a lot of pressure as long as they can operate while wearing headphones. If you use headphones while working on a file or other duties that demand physical exertion, you will be able to appreciate the benefits that music may provide, so don’t forget to pack a pair in your purse.