The Info on Vinyl Flooring

Unless for moving into a new home, we don’t usually take much consideration of flooring; flooring is sadly an afterthought in most cases. Taking the most wearing and tearing in the home, it’s more than important to consider the flooring as a significant investment, given the fact it’s directly connected with insulation (sound and electricity – so you can cut down on energy costs), functionality, and style.

Vinyl Floor Plank (1)

When taking these aspects into account, it’s not surprising the vinyl floor plank, sheet, and tiles have grown so much in popularity. With a true-to-life detail, and indispensable properties such as soft, and warm to touch (making less chances for you to break dishes when dropping them), slip resistance, and sound absorbance, there’s no match for vinyl.

The reason it’s also cost-effective has to do with its sustainability. Since it’s highly durable, lasting for decades, it cuts down on waste in manufacturing, as well as makes perfect for recycling with about 5-10% of its materials being recycled. The fact it’s easy to install just adds to the reduction in costs with this flooring.

Vinyl Floor Plank (2)

Let’s not forget vinyl can also mimic any flooring style, meaning you can get the looks without breaking your bank considerably – as if the case with vinyl floor plank that gives off the look of hardwood. Additionally, this also gives you a great deal of choice when it comes to colours and styles, so you can make your pick from a variety – vinyl is that versatile!

The durability of the vinyl floor comes from the protective commercial grade layer, and the efficient surface sealing with PUR reinforcement, so neither hard impact nor staining can ruin its beauty. You know what this means, right? This is great news if you have toddlers who are more than enthusiastic to drag chairs and toys around. Likewise, it’s also great news in case you have pets who use the floor as a toilet on occasion.

Due to the low maintenance, vinyl is the type of flooring that minimises bacteria growth as it doesn’t provide the conditions for it to thrive, and it has some properties other flooring options don’t, in the likes of resistance to mould, and mildew, which is why it’s also hypoallergenic.

Of course, low maintenance means ease of cleaning, so even messy floors wouldn’t be your worry. All you’d require from cleaning supplies is a broom, to sweep and dust, and a vacuum cleaner, along with wiping the surface with a damp cloth from time to time.