Wallpaper Ideas for Your Baby’s Nursery

Having a new arrival in the house is an exciting time, preparing for one can be a little overwhelming. Most parents want the room to be absolutely perfect, kind of like a sanctuary, and it should be. It is a place that parents will also spend a lot of time, whether rocking in a chair, feeding, changing, reading, and so much more. Choosing the right wallpaper for nursery might seem like a challenge but it really isn’t. Below we will be going over a few different ideas when it comes to wallpaper for nursery which will hopefully leave you feeling inspired.

Wallpaper for Your Baby's Nursery

  • Mixed Patterns – This is something that can actually look really fun and fresh when done right. You can easily mix two different patterns together on different walls for a great modern look. While it might sound a bit odd, the best way to execute this look is to stick to colours that are the same – this way the mix won’t look strange and the different choices will actually compliment each other.
  • Dark Wallpaper – Using dark colours actually creates a warm and soothing atmosphere. You want to make sure that you do this in a room that has good lighting and some good natural sunlight or a lot of windows. Dark colours in small rooms can make a room feel more stuffy than comforting.
  • Stripes – This is something that will always look great in a nursery because it feels youthful and fun. Striped wallpaper is something that can really create the feel of a child’s room. The best way to really make this work is by sticking to lighter pastel colours and make sure that they match the interior and furniture of the rest of the nursery.
  • Unexpected Places – Consider adding some kind of printed wallpaper on the ceiling, this is really great for babies to look at before they take a nap. Not only is it great for your baby, but it can look really chic. Try sticking to plain walls and go for prints that have something to do with the sky, whether it be stars, clouds, or birds.
  • Accent Wall – Use wallpaper to create an accent wall in the nursery. This is something you can really do in any house but try making it nursery inspired or tie it into a theme you might have in mind. There are so many great options out there that are plain or printed you are sure to find something that is just right.
  • Flower Wallpaper – Florals are always great and come in a whole range of styles, shapes, and colors. They are a muted print, so they will always blend into the background but still add some depth the look of the walls. You should try sticking to color schemes that go with the rest of the rooms interior.
  • Animal Wallpaper – This is really fun and fits right in for a nursery or a child’s room. There are some really great choices out there that are just perfect for your kid’s imagination. The wallpaper is a great choice because it transitions well as your child ages. It will help them use their imagination and spark their curiosity.