What Makes Giro Launch the Best Kids Ski Helmet for Your Little One?

It is no secret that active children are happier and certainly one of the most favorite sports for most of them is skiing. Children who ski benefit from the same mood-enhancing effects that exercising offers and have increased production of endorphins. Plus, the pride and sense of accomplishment they experience at the end of a good run are also great mood boosters.

two kids with ski gear

However, hitting the slopes with your kids requires getting the right protective gear to ensure their comfort and safety. Cut back and save all you like on jackets and base layers, but you should always invest in high-quality head protection. When looking to buy kids ski helmet, one of the most important things to consider is the material the helmet is made from. Experts recommend in-mold construction, some type of EPS liner, ABS polycarbonate or other additional safety mechanisms that are built in the helmet. While most helmets will essentially do their job, the sturdier the material, the safer your kid’s head will be. A sturdy material will also ensure that the helmet won’t become faulty after just one fall.

One of the best kid’s ski helmets that you can buy is the Giro Launch. It is a highly rated model among users and that’s for some quite obvious reasons. It has been protecting the heads of thousands of kiddos for so many years now and there are endless positive reviews that back this up. IN other words, it has stood the test of time.

kids wih ski helmets

It is designed by one of the favoured helmet brands on the market – GIRO. This particular model is comfortable and lightweight and comes in various colours and sizes to satisfy the tastes of all kids. It features an In-Mold construction, which means the inner layer of the helmet is lined with a soft foam that helps absorb impact. It also has a polycarbonate shell that provides durable protection in dangerous situations. Another great thing about this helmet is that its tilt can be adjusted to fit with most goggles.

Last but not least, to keep kids’ heads from overheating while having fun on the slopes, this snow helmet contains vents that help regulate the temperature. All these features make the Giro Launch one of the best snow helmets for kids. Look for the Launch combo package which also includes goggles for a cheaper price if you still need to buy your little one some specs.

If you decide to buy kids ski helmet online, you will need to measure your child head’s circumference to ensure you get the right fit.

table with helmet size

Once you have received the helmet, the proper way for your kid to try it is to spread the earpieces or flaps apart. Then, flip the helmet on your child’s head with the forehead first and seat the rest of the helmet back. If a helmet fits properly, there shouldn’t be any gaps on the head and all of the paddings from the helmet should perfectly fit as well.

Once you put the helmet on your kid’s head, push it softly from the front to the back. The helmet should remain snug. Also, gently twist the helmet from side to side causing your child’s head to move with it. If the helmet flops around or moves without the head, it’s too large. If the helmet does not sit flush down on the head, it is too small. Either way, the helmet won’t provide the needed amount of protection, so make sure it’s the right size.