The Whats and Hows of Car Modeling

If you are just starting out with car modelling, trying to sort out through all the available options of tools and materials can be overwhelming. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be glad that there is no type of model cars Australia doesn’t have as the hobby is fairly widespread and you can find a scale model car of almost any type produced in the world. Because of the wide range of products used in the car modelling process, it is a must to know how and which tools to use and how to store them. This can be helpful for creating more precise models and making the whole process more enjoyable in general.url

Getting Started

The tools that you will need to create your models are: hobby knife, budget paint brushes, sanding sticks, needle-file set, sandpaper assortment, masking tape, rubber bands, toothpicks, tweezers, spray paint, paint set, thinner, model cement, white glue, scissors and respirator mask. This whole list will cost you around 70$. And mind you, this set will make sure you’re set for all modelling projects in the future. Since there are so many model cars Australia hobbyists can get their hands on, paying this initial cost and then simply having the tools ready for all upcoming projects is totally worth it.


Once you have all of your tools, you’ll need a place to store them. For your tools you can use a large fishing-tackle or an old tool box, just make sure that every tool has its own ”home” and is always stored in the same place. This is very important because most of the tools and parts you will be working with are very small and having them stored properly can help you out with your speed and productivity. Organization and labelling are your best friends when it comes to sorting through small parts and tools.


For this purpose, you’ll just need a large workbench and a place to put it where no one will bother you. Make sure to set up your workbench somewhere where you can get plenty of light and enough room to work. Natural light is very nice, but you are going to need to fix a lamp to your desk in order to get a sufficient amount of light. Also, make sure to use LED light for your lamp as it is much brighter and your lamp will last longer. If possible, you should get a desk that can be tilted towards you as this can make things a lot easier at times and prevent you from developing back pain from bending over your desk for too long.