What’s the Buzz on Vibrators?

Are you tired of the same-old sexy times? Do you feel like spicing things up when you explore your body by yourself or jazz things up with your partner? We all need proper intimate pleasure and if you feel like reaching new sensations and exploring your body, it’s time for you to give a new sex toy a chance. A vibrator can change many things for you, no matter if you’re in a long and committed relationship, dating or single. Let’s see why you need to get one.

They Feel Great

Girl under sheets using rabbit style vibrator sex toys

The main reason women use vibrators is that they feel amazing. These toys are designed to bring you pleasure and make you feel great. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, a female vibrator can spice up the love game to a point where it’s simply impossible to end without the big O.

They Help You Explore Your Body

girl in the bed playing with sex toys

Exploring your body is a lovely thing to do. Your vibrator can help you with this so you can learn what feels good and in which ways you can achieve pleasure. Learning about what your body wants and exploring new sensations is a great way to feel more confident in your sexual preferences, know what stimulates you well and of course, expanding your fantasy. There are so many different options that can offer you internal, external or both internal and external stimulation. You can learn what feels better; for some women deeper stimulation works better, while others enjoy only external stimulation – and both are ok.

Great for Self Love

women in bed with sex toys

Whether you’re in a relationship, are dating, seeing someone occasionally or single, buying a vibrator can be an act of self-love. Sure, sex with a partner is great, but there is nothing wrong with spending some time by yourself, exploring your body and enjoying the sensations that your toy can give you.

Explore New Sensations

dildo-doble girl with sex toys

The vibrating sensations of vibrators can help you learn that your body can be excited in various ways. This is an especially great way to explore these new sensations if your relationship is slowly becoming a routine, or if you by yourself have explored all movements, positions, and stimulation. And while the human touch is beautiful, these vibrations cannot be naturally replicated. When you buy vibrator you’re buying a completely new experience for yourself. And each one is a new experience worthy of your time.

Safe to Use

Max and Nora Sex Toys for long distance pleasure

Vibrators are designed to be safe for use. This means they’re made of safe materials that won’t harm you. Their maintenance is an absolute must; the toy should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. And what’s best is that you can enjoy your intimate moments without worrying that you might end pregnant or with a nasty STD.

An Amazing Way to Reduce Stress

Long days at work, stressful exams, bills, rent, kids, traffic – it all builds up to make you feel stressed and tensed. We all need some time to relax and get rid of the stress. You can meditate, run, exercise, have a warm cup of tea, but nothing can reduce stress like a relaxing intimate time with your partner or by yourself.

the famous rabbit vibrator sex toys

Women’s vibrators can be one of the best tools to end the day completely relaxed and stress-free. You’re guaranteed the pleasure that will relax your body and mind will help your brain release dopamine also known as the ‘pleasure chemical’. Dopamine is made in the ventral tegmental area (a part of the brain) and released into other parts such as the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex. Your brain also releases oxytocin that is a hormone that makes you feel affection. Prolactin is also released after orgasm, this is why we feel satisfied. With these hormones, there is no way for cortisol, the hormone of stress to keep invading your body, and you can easily relax and fall asleep quicker.

They Can Jazz Things Up With Your Partner

If your relationship has become routine and your sex life is no longer exciting, there is no need to worry. There is always a way to shake things up in the bedroom by using a vibrator. Talk to your partner first, and see if they’re ok with the idea of buying a vibrator. This toy can spice things up to a point of complete refreshment and excitement for your sexy games. Women should feel relaxed and well stimulated before any type of penetration, and the same goes for a vibrator. If your body isn’t lubricated enough naturally, you can always use a lubricant that will help things go smoother and easier.

water based lube

Besides the penetrative part of your game, today’s lubes are excellent for erotic massages and come with a pleasant taste which can make things even more exciting. No matter whether you use a condom or not, get a water-based lube, so you can easily wash it off from your bodies as well from the vibrator. When combining lube and your toy, you can become wetter faster. Even if your mind is relaxed, your body might still not be there. Once your body is ready and you’re fully aroused, the entire sexual encounter will be even more exciting and passionate.