Whisky Glassware: Elevate Your Drinking Experience with the Right Set of Glasses

It’s not a secret that most of us buy glasses because of their appearance and glass thickness particularly. However, not all of us know that the type of glass we use can certainly improve our drinking experience or make it worse. According to experts, the glass itself and its material can certainly affect the taste of whisky, so being wise in your choice is the best decision you can make when choosing the right set of glasses. Learning more about their range can help you make the right choice for sure, but it’ll also improve your knowledge.

What Type of Glass Is Best for Whiskey?

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There’s no doubt that having an elegant and refined whisky glassware set can fully reveal the taste and aroma of this classy drink and luckily, you have the chance to choose from a plethora of whiskey glasses. Discovering the flavour, textures and taste of each and every whisky is super easy once you get to know each one of them.

Tulip (Copita) Glass

Also known as the dock glass, the tulip/copita glass is based on the Spanish traditional glass that’s used for sherry sampling. This type of glass characterises with its long stem, preventing your hand from coming in close contact with the rim. This will give you the freedom to move the glass close to your nose and feel the drink’s aroma only.

That way your judgement on the whisky’s aroma won’t be clouded by the hand cream or perfume smell on your hand. The glasses’ tulip shape and narrow rim allow the whisky’s aroma to stay and develop there without or with minimal influence from outside factors.


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This certainly is one of the most popular types of whisky glass in the world, Its shape is quite similar to the tulip glass shape however, it provides a more solid base with no stem on it. This means that the Glencairn glass is shorter than the tulip type of glass, and because it has a thicker vessel this makes it more suitable for social drinking events.

If you’re one of those who want to swirl the whisky for the aroma to open up so you can embrace its flavour, then these types of glasses are the right choice for you. You certainly won’t make a mistake by improving your whiskey glassware collection with Glencairn types of glasses.


This type of glass has been used for centuries for whisky drinking. It was first introduced in the 16th century and it has been mainly used by wealthy people as a status symbol. The tumbler also known as the rock glass is quite popular for its sleek and elegant appearance. It has a wide rim, robust base and thicker cut, allowing the whisky and ice to melt comfortably and seamlessly. Being wider than the previous types of glasses means that the tumbler isn’t the ideal type of glass for nosing.

Fun Fact: It isn’t strange seeing cocktails being served in it for its simple and elegant appearance.


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This is another type of glass that isn’t specifically designed for nosing. Another important thing that you should know from the very beginning is that this type of glass isn’t designed for drinking whisky solely. Instead, it’s designed for whisky cocktails made with ginger beer, ginger ale, soda and some other sparkling mixtures.


The sniffer glass is characterised by its narrow top and wide bottom. This glass for whisky was quite common in gentlemen’s clubs in the past, and nowadays, it has evolved into a popular type of glass that prevents the liquid from being spilled out when tilted.


This glass was accidentally created by George Manska during glass-blowing sessions. When sampling whisky, he found that this design is perfect for directing the strong whisky smell away from the nose, allowing the drinker to feel its dazzling aroma. Of course, the use of a neat glass is not limited to whisky. It can also be used for other spirits such as cognac, bourbon, and scotch. The neat glass is characterised by its short and stout shape, which brings a modern and minimalist vibe to your drinking experience.

What Is the Right Way to Hold the Glass Depending On Its Type?

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The ideal way to hold a rock glass is on its base by securing it with your thumb and fingers. When holding a glass with a stem, you should place the thumb and two to three fingers on the stem, while the other fingers should hover in the air. You can also place them on the glass’s foot.

What Materials to Choose?

The most popular and perfect type of glasses for whisky are the ones made from crystal. This is a durable type of material that is less likely to chip. An important thing to have in mind though is to look for crystal glasses made from lead-free crystal, so you can be sure that no lead will find its way into your whisky.

How to Care for Crystal Whisky Glassware?

Whether keeping your new set of crystal glasses for special occasions or not, you should know that cleaning them in the dishwasher isn’t acceptable. That’s because the hot water can chip, crack and even break the crystal. Instead, you should wash them by hand and clean them carefully in case of any stains.