Why Lafuma Recliners Are The Best Outdoor Seating Solution

Sometimes it seems like, no matter how many options we try, outdoor seating solutions often have a way of being just a little bit off. I don’t know if you’re a single-seat kind of person or a couch one when it comes to outdoor seating, but for me, nothing can really beat a single-seat option. Able to be moved around and rearranged with ease, single-seat options are always my go-to items when I need to redo my patio.

I’ve searched far and wide across many different retailers within Australia to find an outdoor single-seat option for my patio and backyard many times, but I’ve always run into something I didn’t quite like. That’s until I came across Lafuma and fell in love with the design and comfort of their recliners.

lafuma chair in a backyard

source: lafuma-furniture.com

Outstanding Quality

I’m very particular when it comes to the quality of my outdoor recliners. Since they’re positioned outdoors, I need them to be able to endure everything that nature throws their way without succumbing to the consequences. Well, this is something that’s highly determined by the material used to manufacture the recliner as well as the way it’s made. While I was browsing Lafuma recliners and accessories, I came across some specification information that caught my eye.

Turns out that Lafuma outdoor recliners are made out of materials that, when combined, produce quite a durable chair. The frame, or structure, is made out of something called HLE steel. Steel is obviously an alloy, but HLE steel is a special kind of alloy that’s quite reinforced and is used within a variety of different industries, even in the manufacturing of yachts!

lafuma chair on a beach

source: lafuma-furniture.com

Lafuma, however, coat their steel with a compound that provides UV protection, something that can make steel much more durable than it already is, as sun rays can damage even the toughest of structures. Furthermore, even though the structure is sturdy, it’s also lightweight, which was another great plus for me as I like to rearrange my outdoor furniture often.

A Wide Range of Models

Lafuma had the obvious choices, a classic deck chair, a butterfly chair, sunloungers, garden chairs, and some other things that can be considered extras, like side tables, for example, but they also had this one model that really got me interested – the Zero Gravity chair. Well, it turns out that the Zero Gravity chair is a recliner that allows you to adjust the position of both the seat part and the backrest completely. It goes from a normal setting all the way to a setting that allows you to practically lay down in your recliner and enjoy the fresh air.

This isn’t an easy thing to pull off, but since the material they use to make their structure is so great, I was pretty confident that the function would work as intended and won’t damage the chair in any way. I often have guests over to watch movies in my backyard, so being able to choose the most comfortable seating position and not be stuck on just one was very appealing to me.

outdoor relaxing lafuma chairs different models

source: theorchard.ie

What’s more, while looking at what the actual seats are made out of, I figured out that their manufacturing process is very interesting but so are the materials used to make it. They use a polyester thread to create a durable, breathable, UV-resistant, quick-drying, and easy-to-clean seat that won’t be affected by bad weather and is actually quite comfortable. The pattern the thread is arranged in also allows maximum resistance, making the seat able to withstand different weights.

I know this article sounds very technical, but when you’ve been burned with subpar products a bunch of times, you learn to really look into the specifics a bunch to make sure you find the very best ones out there.

Useful and Decorative Accessories

I don’t know about you, but I’m someone who really likes to make their patio and backyard look homely and inviting. I use things like outdoor rugs, side tables, candles, lots of decorations, as well as plants to make sure my outdoor seating area is exactly how I want it to look.

Well, Lafuma, besides offering things like side tables and decor accessories, also offer stuff like trays you can clip onto your chair to make it more functional. These trays are a great addition for movie nights as they can serve as a serving tray to put snacks and drinks on, but they’re also great for when you’re lounging by yourself and need somewhere to put your phone, book, or whatever it is you’re using to relax.

lafuma chair with accessories

source: lafuma-furniture.co.uk

Furthermore, they have things like towels and covers for the chair itself to make it more comfortable and make the seating experience even better. All of these products are made with materials that offer high breathability, high durability, easy cleaning, and so on.

To round things up, they also offer things like replacement cords for their chairs you can replace at the comfort of your own home once the old ones are worn out from so much lounging. The pricing on these is quite reasonable and they’re easy to swap, making Lafuma outdoor seating options my absolute favourite outdoor seating option out there.

To Sum Up

I like when companies offer variety, durability, and a range of different products I can choose from. I also like when they recognize which parts might not last as long as the structure itself so they make them easy to fix. All in all, I hope this article has helped you understand a bit better what a good outdoor lounge chair should look like so that even if you don’t end up choosing Lafuma you can know what to look for next time you’re shopping for an outdoor seating solution that will suit you best.