Women’s Essential: Let’s Talk About Cardigans

One of those garments that you can technically live without, but have real power to transform an everyday outfit into an extraordinary fashionable look, the cardigan, has become a real essential in every women’s closet. These knitted garments with an open front were used since the mid-1800s when they were primarily worn by men. They got their name from the person that introduced them, James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan.

Traditionally, they featured buttons, which were used to close the garment. Nowadays they can feature buttons or zippers, but they are often designed without them to hang open, and even if they can be closed, women often wear them open. However, although they are all categorised under the same name, these beautiful and fashionable pieces of clothing are incredibly versatile. While they are very popular in today’s fashion, cardigans can help you create unique outfits with a lot of individuality. You can use them as statement pieces, to add colour and interest, to surprise with an interesting pattern, to make an otherwise ordinary outfit exceptional. But aside from their aesthetical appearance and their ability to add timeless style to your outfits, they are also very practical.

One of the reasons why I say that every woman needs to get gorgeous ladies cardigans and have them available at any time is because these pieces of clothing simply look good on everyone, regardless of your body type, height, weight, etc. You only need to find a good fit, a design that suits you best, a colour that will work with the rest of your garments. As a matter of fact, with so many fashionable benefits, as well as the convenience they will bring you, you should go ahead and get several cardigans for women, in different colours or for different occasions.

Wear Them Wherever

picture of a woman sitting on a cliff in the mountain
source: Clay Banks on Unsplash

One of the many amazing things about cardigans is that with their versatility, they can be appropriate in any situation. Regardless of whether you are a teenager or an adult lady, regardless of whether you like wearing street style clothes or looking smart casual or business casual – there is something for everyone. And, whether you are looking for cardigans for older ladies or for young women, these timeless pieces of clothing are a great way to add some edginess and class to your personal style – even if you wear them to hide your belly or to stay warm when it’s chilly outside.

Wear Them Whenever

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It is obvious how ladies cardigans can be extremely practical for chilly weather. Unlike jackets or other garments, they are quite easy to carry around, as you can simply throw one in your bag. This makes them very useful, but much more importantly, cardigans are very comfortable, not only for carrying but also to wear. Make sure that you get a material that you like and feels good on your skin, regardless of the season you are buying for. Most cardigans are loosely fit, which makes them very pleasant to wear. So, unlike some other types of garments that you can also wear for some warmth, they aren’t restrictive and they allow you to move freely, so much so that you won’t even feel them on you. And on top of that, they are really easy to put on and off according to your needs.

However, even though they are certainly one of the best garments you can have on you in spring and autumn, you can also wear them in winter and in summer. In winter you can use them to add one more layer if you get cold easily, they are great to keep you warm while you are inside and once you’ve removed your coat, and, of course, let’s not forget about style. In summer you can get a womens cardigan made of lighter material, and put it over a sleeveless dress, a halter top or a t-shirt, for a gorgeous final touch, and comfort during colder evenings or in airconditioned spaces.

Wear Them However You Like

picture of a woman wearing a yellow cardigan drinking red beverage
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Women wear cardigans in endless ways, and one of the best things about them is that they can be used to achieve a huge number of visual effects. Aside from using them to hide areas you feel uncomfortable about, you can use them to add colour and interest, you can use them to emphasize something else etc. For even more convenience, another great role they can play is prolong the wear of other garments. When it’s chilly outside, you can use them to keep wearing clothing items you love, which are otherwise appropriate for warmer days.

Cardigans are also one of the best garments to use to make an outfit look more casual, but you can also use them to dress up a basic outfit or make a casual outfit look dressier. So, like comfortable shoes, you can use your cool, fashionable cardigan, to dress down a dressier outfit, but you can also use a cardigan to make some outfits look more formal, so you can wear it at work or at dinner – for instance, you can wear one over a sleeveless top or dress.