Wood Furniture Decorating Ideas: The Secret of Warm & Cosy Home Interiors

In recent years, the desire to upcycle wood furniture has resulted in the popularity of painted finishes. However, there’s a lot to be said for embracing the organic appearance of natural wood as well. The rich tones and appealing grain of the wood can add warmth and character to any scheme, whether it is a family heirloom or a newly crafted piece. Check out these simple ideas for adding or reworking furniture in your home.

Use Your Old Wood Furniture in New Ways

The best thing about buying wooden furniture is the beautiful way it creates a cosy and warm setting. Moreover, it gives you tons of possibilities to be creative. For instance, if your bedroom is already furnished, a wood dresser could serve as a beverage serving area or as dishware storage in the dining room. On the other hand, wood nightstands can be used as side tables in the living room or as a drop zone in a small entryway-just make sure the height is appropriate for the surrounding furniture.

wooden side table
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Pair Your Wood Furniture with Vintage Objects

If the antique look is your décor thing, then you can style the wood furniture in your house with other vintage pieces to achieve it! Surround a reclaimed wood dining table with midcentury chairs or showcase heirloom dishware inside an heirloom hutch. Feel free to mix and match wood furniture from different eras or styles; the aged appearance will tie an assortment of pieces together.

Combine Dark Wood with Deep Colours

Dark wood furniture can look out of place in an all-white room. Rather than attempting to balance a dark stain with light, airy colours, go for a moody palette of saturated paint colours. To create a cosy cocoon-like space in a bedroom, pair dark cherry wood furniture with charcoal grey walls. To avoid an overly gloomy look, accessorize with small doses of white.

Dark Wooden furniture cobined with Deep Colours
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Mix and Match a Variety of Colours

Other wood tones are a safe bet when you’re unsure what colour to pair with wood furniture. Undertones in wood finishes can be yellow, orange, red, blue-grey, or dark brown. Decorate with additional accent pieces that have a similar undertone to the mixed wood furniture, even if the finish is lighter or darker. Use neutral paint colours and natural materials to tie the scheme together.

Complement with Painted Pieces

Wood furniture, especially dark ones, requires careful mixing when decorating a bedroom. Using too many wood pieces, especially in dark finishes like cherry or walnut, can give the space a heavy, crowded appearance. If you inherited an entire bedroom set of wood furniture, keep one standout piece, such as the bed or dresser, and toss the rest. You can either spread the set across other rooms or give unwanted pieces to someone else. Then, to counteract the dark wood, choose painted or metal finishes for different bedroom furniture pieces.

Style with Colourful Accessories

When incorporating wooden furniture into your home, use colourful accessories to show your personality. You can use, for example, a brightly coloured runner to cover a wood dresser or table. In a bedroom with wood furniture, choose bold bedding or wall art. Colourful table lamps, vases, and planters can also brighten dark wood furniture. Remember to use the undertone of the wood to guide your colour choices.

Paint Your Wood with a Fresh Colour

If you can’t make a particular wood finish colour work in your space, you can paint it over with a new colour. Choose a neutral colour that will blend in with the piece’s traditional look, or choose a bold accent colour to make it stand out. You can also replace the existing hardware with modern knobs and pulls for an easy furniture update or line the back of a piece with glass doors with pretty patterned wallpaper.

painting wood with a fresh colour
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Choose the Right Colour Match

If you are a big fan of a clean, white subway tile kitchen, choose lighter stained or natural woods such as Oak, Ash, or Pine. These lighter-coloured woods complement the kitchen’s stark whiteness. Match the richness of a velvet sofa in your living room with a deep Mahogany or Walnut table. While contrasts can be effective, using wood tones to complement your room’s colour is preferable. Match the wood samples with the other textures, tile, marble, or vinyl you intend to use before beginning the process of renovation or installation.

Go Green

Green is the one colour that is perfect for a room full of wood. But not just any green—greens from flora and fauna. Combining the earthiness of wood with the delicacy of colours can result in a perfect, unifying space. A baby rubber tree, a fiddle leaf fig tree, or an Areca palm can breathe new life into the stillness of wooden furniture.

Textile & Wood- The Perfect Match

Almost any type of fabric fits the wood furniture perfectly well! A woven rug, a linen tablecloth, or a cotton throw pillow softens the surface stiffness of wood while weaving in fluid and soft fabrics brings the textures together and add to the space’s richness.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Hand-made wooden vanities are great for making a stunning statement in the bathroom. Besides their elegant design, wooden vanities are the best you can get for your bathroom storage because of their drawers and shelving. If your home incorporates the midcentury-modern vibe, we recommend you consider an antique wooden vanity style rather than a new addition.

wooden vanitie in bathroom
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Tone Down a Busy Scheme

A simple coffee table can provide a plain counterpoint in a space filled with prints, bright colours, and bold furniture. Consider a timber-topped table as it goes with everything and offers a natural antidote for potential pattern overload.

Find Your Wooden Piece of Treasure

Some furniture is so unique that it almost looks like a work of art in a room. No matter how unpractical it is, unless you have many tiny items to store, such as sewing supplies, a set of apothecary drawers can add a delicious depth and charm to the neutral living space. Furthermore, because of its shallow shape, it is much easier to accommodate than a larger piece.

Stick to Simplicity

If you love the charm of minimalist apartments, vintage chests of drawers are inexpensive and easy to style. Find a dark wood set that will complement black accents and various neutral tones. Combine it with neutral linen curtains and a brass mirror to enhance the aesthetics of minimalistic décor.